South Australia

6 October 2023

Young Composers Award SA

About the SA Young Composers’ Award 

The SA Young Composers’ Award is an annual competition for composers established by the South Australian chapter of ASME in 1973. The Award aims to encourage and develop musical composition by both children and young adults and provides an effective platform for the performance of their works. Another important function of the Award is to produce a body of new music designed specifically for use in schools and colleges.

2024 – SA Young Composers Awards workshop opportunities

  • Adelaide Youth Orchestra Workshops:
    Composers and Arrangers of Wind Orchestra and String Orchestra works are invited to submit their works for workshop opportunities in collaboration with ASME and the Adelaide Youth Orchestra. Works for either of these ensembles can be submitted to Ben Fuller at by Friday the 19th of July for consideration. A Workshop will be held for successful entries with the Adelaide Youth Orchestra on Sunday the 17th of August with a follow up workshop on the 31st of August.
  • Adelaide Big Band Workshops:
    Composers and Arrangers of Big Band works can submit works for workshop opportunities that will be occurring on Wednesday evenings on the 24th of July and 4th of September. Works for Big Band can be submitted to Ben Fuller at
  • A ‘Beginners Guide to Composing’ Workshop:
    Are you interested in learning how to write your own music? Learn how to develop your creativity and some tips and tricks from last year’s winner of ASME’s Young Composer Awards. Fun activities and ideas to inspire your next composition. Bring your questions, friends and instrument. A ‘Beginners Guide to Composing’ workshop is also being held through the collaboration of AUSTA and ASME on Sunday the 25th of August between 9:45am and 12:00pm at Seymour College.
The registration link to the Beginners Guide to Composing Workshop is:
Child / AUSTA or ASME member $20
Adult Non member $25
Family ticket (for 4 people) $60


Celebration of 50 years of the SA Young Composers’ Award

The 50th Anniversary Young Composers Award Concert and Ceremony was held in the beautiful Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, North Terrace, Adelaide SA, 5000, on Sunday November 19, 2023. As well as performances from our 2023 award winners, we celebrated 50 years of the competition through performances of works by past winners and contemporary composers. These included works from Rachel Bruerville, Anne Cawrse, David John-Lang, Nathan Cummins and Quentin Grant, performed by the Eurelia Trio and special guests. You can view a video recording of the concert through the Media section on the Resource Hub.

Results of 2023 ASME (SA) Young Composers Award

Important dates for 2024:
Closing date for entries is Friday September 27, 2024
Young Composers Awards concert Sunday November 24, 2024.

Entries to be submitted electronically via email to:

Please direct any enquiries to YCA Coordinator, Ben Fuller on 0450 099 326 or by email for further details.

YCA Categories for 2024:

SCHOOL CATEGORY for composers 18 years and under on January 1, 2024.
Section A: Composers in school Years R-6
Section B: Rock/Pop/EDM with or without lyrics Years R-6
Section C: Composers in school Years 7-8
Section D: Composers in school Years 9-10
Section E: Composers in school Years 11-12
Section F: String Ensembles Composers in school Years R-8
Section G: String Ensembles Composers in school Years 9-12
Section H*: Large ensemble Composers in school Years 9-12
Section I: Arrangers in school Years 7-9
Section J: Arrangers in school Years 10-12
Section K: Rock/Pop/EDM with lyrics Years 7 – 12 or up to age 18
Section L: Rock/Pop/EDM Instrumental Years 7 – 12 or up to age 18
*Large Ensemble works (Section H) can be written for any large instrumental or choral ensemble such as Choir SSA, Choir SATB, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Big Band or other ensembles consisting of 8 or more instruments.

ADVANCED CATEGORY for composers 25 years and under on January 1, 2024.
Section M: Music for Schools – Solo Instrument or Voice (accompaniment optional)
Section N: Music for Schools – Instrumental Ensemble or Choir
Note: Music for Sections M or N can be written for any age range up to and including Year 12. The Year/Grade level music must be indicated on the score and supported by a written statement with a maximum of 200 words.
Section O: Solo Instrument or Voice (accompaniment optional)
Section P: Ensemble or Choir
Section Q: Rock/Pop/EDM with or without lyrics

ASME recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first musicians, storytellers and educators of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, acknowledging their ongoing connection to land, sky and waterways