17 November 2023

Resources for embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

The resources and links to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians and teachers found on these pages have been compiled by ASME Queensland and are provided to assist primary, secondary and tertiary teachers and students as well as to inform music lovers. The list is by no means exhaustive and can be considered a starting point for teachers, students and music lovers to engage with the rich knowledge and practice of First Nations musicians and educators across Australia.

Protocols for embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

When including Aboriginal or Torres Strait knowledges, it is vital that teachers and students:

  • Acknowledge Country – paying respect to the land, language and traditional custodians of your region; and
  • Acknowledge the traditional custodians of the region that the music, language or knowledge is from; and
  • Engage with the stories and knowledges to deepen the students’ understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

Indigenous musicians, composers, choirs and publications

Candace Kruger

William Barton

Deborah Cheetham

Gregg Dreise

  • Artist Website: https://www.greggdreise.com.au/
  • Author and illustrator of award-winning children’s books “Silly Birds”, “Kookoo Kookaburra” and “Mad Magpie”.

David Page – Bangarra Dance Theatre

Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse

Jessie Lloyd

  • Mission Songs Project: Starting in 2015, Mission Songs Project explores the human reality of the ‘missions era’, where Aboriginal people were forcibly removed from their homelands and moved onto missions. In a time of great distress, these truthful songs are surprisingly filled with optimism and hope, revealing a forgotten story on an unexplored corner of Australian history.

David Hudson


Gondwana Indigenous Choir

Marliya Choir

Madjitil Moorna Inc

Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter

Joe Gier

Coloured Stone

WA Willandra Primary School Indigenous Choir

Professional Learning Material

SBS On Demand

  • “Looky Looky Here comes Cooky” – Australian history from an Indigenous perspective

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office

The Politics of Diversity in Music Education

Wingaru Aboriginal Education

  • Wingaru develops and delivers programs and resources to support schools and teachers in the classroom, as well as organisations wanting to increase cultural competency in the workplace.


  • Teaching Indigenous Perspectives In the Australian Curriculum was born out of the need for more Indigenous resources and lesson plans in Australian schools.


  • Triballink is a 100% Aboriginal owned company, delivering high quality and authentic Indigenous Educational activities, aids, resources and services whilst keeping true to our cultural values.

Chapter Activities

ASME recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first musicians, storytellers and educators of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, acknowledging their ongoing connection to land, sky and waterways